You Know You’re a Bozeman Local If…

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You Know You’re a Bozeman Local If…


(Photo courtesty of the Gallatin History Museum)

Bozeman is one of the fastest growing small cities in America!  The U.S. Census ranked us at number 6 of the top 10 fastest growing areas in the past year.  We get it.  Bozeman is an amazing community surrounded by the beautiful mountains.  With so many people moving here, we get to meet people from all over the country and the world!  Being a Bozeman local is something people are proud of around here since it's become a harder thing to find (even rarer is the NATIVE BOZEMAN species...sort of like the mythical unicorn)  There are different definitions of what is considered a local you need to have lived here 10 years?  20?  Have started a family and therefore the next generation of natives?  Whatever your opinion, here are ways to know you are a Bozeman local...

1.  If you remember when 19th ended at Durston

2.  If polar bears and red carpet mean anything to you

3.  If you remember when you could find an open campsite at Hyalite.  On a Saturday.

4.  If you went to elementary school at the Emerson

5.  If you remember the name of the movie theater where Town & Country on 11th Avenue now is

6.  If you remember when the only place to shop besides the mall was Kmart and Gibsons

7.  If you remember when you could hike the M without seeing a single person

8.  If you watched a movie at the theater in the photo above. or in the rialto.  

9.  If you used to stock up on snacks and beer at the Hinky Dink

10.  If you remember riding the escalator in Sylvester's

11.  If you remember when you could still get a Cat/Griz ticket the day of the game

12.  If you know where the original Audrey's Pizza Oven was

13.  If you remember when a few blocks west of Durston was "out of town"

14.  If you remember the Deer Park A-frame chalet at Bridger Bowl

15.  If you remember when the Cannery District was the Bozeman Canning Company...(bonus points, you're probably a native if you remember this one!)

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