The Best Breakfast in Bozeman

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The Best Breakfast in Bozeman


Upon arriving in Bozeman, you will quickly learn about the abundance of breakfast joints with no short wait time.  Despite these many options, it seems as though a new breakfast restaurant opens its doors monthly, and we most definitely can’t complain! We set out to discover where we could have the best breakfast in Bozeman, and the results are in.

3rd place: Nova Cafe

The quality of food and service, as well as the very interesting and diverse menu options, make it appealing and delicious in a fun, modern atmosphere.  We love that they get their goods locally! Our suggestions?  Lemon Blackberry Ricotta Pancakes or the Tom Avo (a vegetarian eggs benedict with tomato and avocado) with a white chocolate huckleberry mocha on the side, but really you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu! 

2nd Place: Cateye Cafe

Next in was long-standing Cateye Café, colorful building and all.  Bozeman locals claim it is a “must” as the quirky ambiance exudes mountain, local, home-town breakfast.  Also we have heard the mimosas are a necessary addition to your breakfast (we suggest Huckleberry, grapefruit or Caribbean)! 

And the winner is…

Storm Castle CafE 

This home-style, traditional breakfast came out on top with a huge lead!  But really, can you disagree after looking at these photos?!  We’ve heard raving remarks about the Monte Cristo (made using French toast and fried up in pancake batter), Buzz Lutz, Corned Beef Hash, French Toast (classic, simple, and well-made), and the biggest pancake in town but again, you can’t really go wrong with anything on their menu.  The large portion sizes and warm, friendly service and reasonable prices, are hard to beat and the proximity to MSU make it a perfect Sunday breakfast for the college group.  And as for what to do during the wait for your table? Granny’s Donuts is right next door serving $1 delectable donuts! Be right back after indulging.



So there it is.  Bozeman has always been known as a breakfast palace- the perfect town for that post sunrise hike munchies, and for our sake, we hope that never changes! 

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