how to sell your bozeman house over the weekend!

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how to sell your bozeman house over the weekend!


Although Bozeman is a hot market right now for selling your home, there are some extra measures you can take to make sure your home is sold FAST!  Here are our top 10 tips! 

1. Curb Appeal

Stand outside your house for 3 minutes staring at it- landscaping, windows, doors- how does it look? First impressions matter!  Mulch doesn’t cost a ton and it can make it or break it!

2. hire a good realtor 

A report by the National Association of Realtors shows that the average home in America with a realtor sold for $230k while the average home without a realtor sold for $198k.

3. eliminate clutter

Yes, even the beloved picture of your dog in a birthday hat on the fridge.  These aren’t appealing to someone looking to buy your house.

4. Pack up the toys

Maybe wait until the kids are asleep to put away their favorite barbie dolls and accessories, but Barbie shoes scream danger and no one wants to buy a dangerous home!

5. Cover up that lovely shade of teal 

It may be your favorite color.  It may remind you of the ocean. But a nice coat of white will brighten up the space and make it more inviting!

6. Turn on every light in your house

The desk light, the accent light, the Christmas lights- everything!  While you’re at it open the blinds- natural light makes a world of difference!

7. clear the counters

Keurig and all.  You don’t use half of that stuff anyway.

8. Stage the table

Have you been to a staged house before?  The chairs are tilted a bit away from the table inviting you to sit down and the flowers make a fresh smell and brighten the space.  Their goal is to sell, not to have the kid’s do their homework.  Have this mindset!

9. Bake some cookies

Nothing says "Come on In" like homemade cookies!

10. Have someone who will tell you the truth come visit

Whether it's your mother-in-law or best friend, have someone look it over who will be blunt and honest.  This isn't the time to be sensitive, and let them know that! 

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