The do’s and don’ts of apartment living

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The do’s and don’ts of apartment living


With the Bozeman housing market getting more and more expensive, people are resorting to renting apartments or buying condos if they can afford them.  Here are some tips of what you should and shouldn't do when renting an apartment.  Do you have anything to add?!


Buy Collapsible furniture

It doesn’t have to look tacky just to be collapsible.  Consider tables that can get extended with an extra leaf, quality foldable chairs, a wall secretary (see picture on right) and murphy beds (go against the wall during the day and come out at night). Take a look at Japanese designs- they have been making small spaces look big for quite a while now and are really excelling at it.

use lights

Light can make a world of a difference.  Light not only brightens up the room, but also makes the room appear bigger!

put up mirrors

Mirrors are not a new concept in helping make a small space bigger.  The optical illusion they create makes the viewer think they are in a much bigger space!

buy art with a view

Choosing art that has a far-off view (like a dock looking out to the ocean) creates a space for your guests to stare off into creating a feeling of drifting off into another space.

use window treatments

If your windows are dark or don’t fit with the style you are going for, consider buying blinds or drapes that will compliment your area.


have dark upholstery

Stay away from dark upholstery, it will leave your space looking dense and crowded.  Instead opt for beige or neutral colored upholstery to liven up the space and make it seem more open.

paint the walls

Unless you plan on making this a long-term home, avoid painting the walls.  Although it is a quick fix, it is an extra thing on your to-do list when moving out.  On top of that, painting and then re-painting costs a lot of money.  If you do decide to paint your apartment, choose lighter colors to make the space appear larger.

Buy Heavy Furniture

I’m not saying big furniture, I’m saying heavy furniture. The difference lies in the legs. If you can’t see the legs it is “heavy” and will weigh down and crowd your space.  If you like big couches choose ones where you can see the legs and they are tilted a bit and it sits high allowing air to flow under it and making your space seem “light and airy”.

forget the essentials!

Many times, when you are moving into an apartment you are moving out of living with friends or family, so you won’t come with the essentials.  Don’t forget to buy a bed, blankets, lamps (to light up your space!), a cutting board, dish soap, knives, pans, silverware, a spatula, a sponge, trash bags, toilet paper, and towels!

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