a 5 year-old’s montana bucket list

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a 5 year-old’s montana bucket list


Do you have young kids and are already worrying about what to do with them all summer?  Well check out this fun bucket list and have your little ones cross off as you do the activities (right click and save as to save the bucket list printable at the bottom)! Tag us in your pictures @coldwellbankerrci on Instagram or @ColdwellBankerRCI on Facebook!

1. Ringing rocks

This is a great option for your musically-inclined child!  When you tap these rocks with a hammer they make a beautiful chime sound.  This pile of boulders is a bit of a phenomenon as not all the rocks ring when struck and if you were to remove the rocks from the site, it wouldn't ring either! 


Silver mining originally brought people to this charming town, but now Sapphire mining is a main attraction! We suggest taking the Skalkaho Pass en route to Philipsburg and you will be greeted with stunning views of the Sapphire Mountains (there is also excellent camping along the West Fork Rock Creek and Skalkaho Falls if you want to make it a few day excursion!)

3. Hike to the m

This popular hike is a great one to bring along your kids!  It is heavily trafficked year round, but it is an easy hike and greets you with a beautiful view at the top!

4. virginia city

Another quaint, post-mining town made the list because we are simply in love with them! 

5. Yellowstone

What kid doesn't dream of becoming a park ranger?!  The Yellowstone Junior Ranger Program, encompasses fun, educational activities for your kids that ends with a badge and a round of applause from the rangers!  

6. hyalite

This is the perfect place to take your kids summer or winter!  In the winter they have cross country ski trails and an overhang where you can have a nice fire.  In the summer the amount of opportunities increases by the dozen!  Whether it's paddle boarding (you can rent at Big Boy's Toys or Northern Lights Trading Co.), kayaking, hiking the trails, or seeing the near-by waterfalls, your kids are sure to have a blast! 

7. crystal park

Head over to Crystal Park after a good rain to dig with your kids!  Then take a trip to the near-by Elk horn hot springs for a relaxing, fun soak! 

8. museum of the rockies

The Museum of the Rockies is the perfect activity for a rainy day!  Your kids will love the Museum's collection of dinosaur bones and you will love the educational aspect of the physical and cultural history of the Rocky Mountains and the people and animals who inhabited it!

9. Lewis and clark caverns

Bring your kids on an unforgettable tour of the caverns with just a headlight lighting your way ($30 a person ages 12 and over)!  Or enjoy one of the many other activities near the caverns including camping, hiking or biking on the trails, the visitor's center, interpretive displays, amphitheater, and interpretive events during the summer!

10. dinosaur trails/ museums

Take your kids on an exciting adventure around the dinosaur exhibits and activities found at each of the trail's 14 facilities in 12 Montana communities with the Montana Dinosaur Trail Prehistoric Passport.  The Prehistoric Passport is available at each trail facility for $5.00.  You can purchase your Passport for $7 ($5.00 passport+ $2.00 shipping fee) by clicking here!

11. grizzly bear and wolf exhibit 

If you are in the West Yellowstone area, this is a thrilling exhibit to bring your kids to!  Observe and learn about grizzlies and gray wolves in their naturalistic habitat.  They also have interactive exhibits for hands-on learning and a wide variety of programs and activities!  (4 and under=free, 5-12 years=$8 and 13 and older=$13)

12. helena carousel

Take a trip to our State's capital and stop at the carousel for a fun ride and some Montana-made ice cream!

13. gates of the mountains 

This boat trip has received raving reviews on Tripadvisor!  Enjoy a scenic, 2-hour boat tour aboard this beautiful cruiser that starts at their Marina in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains between Helena and Great Falls, Montana. View the river from a different perspective and keep an eye out for Bald Eagles, Mountain Lions, Black Bears, or maybe some River Otters!  

14. Explorationworks in Helena

ExplorationWorks is located in the new Great Northern Town Center in downtown Helena, Montana.  They have programs and exhibits that will engage your kids while teaching them about sciences, technology, engineering, math, social sciences, culture and everyday life!

15. Natural Bridge State Park

It has taken nature millions of years to form the natural sandstone arch from which this park takes its name. Located adjacent to the Daniel Boone National Forest, near the Red River Gorge Geological Area, the bridge spans 78 feet and is 65 feet high!

16. Ferris wheel/ fish tank at scheels in Billings

Another Ferris wheel, because what kid doesn't like riding on a horse in circles?  The Scheels in Billings also features an awesome 16,000-gallon salt water aquarium with tons of beautiful fish!

17. Pompey pillar 

This natural sandstone rock was named Pompey’s Pillar by Clark (as in Lewis and Clark).  At this National Monument, Clark inscribed his name into the wall and you can see it today under the plexiglass in which it is preserved.  This is the only remaining physical evidence visible on Clark’s trail. While you are there, you have to hike to the top of the monument and soak in the same view Clark had over 200 years ago of the Yellowstone River and Valley!

18. Star bakery in Nevada city

Nevada City is 1.5 miles west of the more popular Virginia City, but it definitely holds its own charm.  This town is an outdoor history museum with many historic buildings, artifacts, and furnishings.  Just as a heads up, there is an admission fee for entry, but this delectable, cute bakery will make up for it! The Star Bakery Restaurant first opened in 1863, serving the local miners.  It now boasts a delicious breakfast, lunch (we suggest the Star Philly and Rueben sandwiches) and dinner (definitely try the beer battered shrimp!).

19. fairy lake

This lake is just a short distance from the Fairy Lake Campground and sits at the bottom of Sacajawea Peak.  It is an easy 1.2 mile hike around the lake and you will frequently see it inhabited with fishermen, swimmers and picnickers during the summer! 


20. Giant Springs State Park

See the shortest river and feed fish at the hatchery in Great Falls! (To make it a game for your kids try to tell them they can only feed the white trout- they are much slower than the normal colored trout- this game can entertain them for hours!) Then have lunch at Big Mouth BBQ! You won't regret the 3 hour drive from Bozeman for this fun day of activities! 

21. drinking horse

Bozeman is full of incredible hikes, and we thought we would end on one that is easy enough for your kids, but has stunning views of Bridger Canyon and the Gallatin Valley.  This 2.3 mile trail normally takes 1-3 hours (we suggest going counter-clockwise) and is full of beautiful wildflowers. 


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