14 Landscaping plants that are perfect for bozeman’s climate

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14 Landscaping plants that are perfect for bozeman’s climate


You’ve bought the house, you’ve decorated it with all your favorite décor, and now you are looking to beautify the outside.  Here is a list of 14 native- Montanan plants that will grow well and look beautiful landscaped across your yard! 


Bozeman tends to have dry soil moisture, so your best bet is looking for plants that thrive in that environment.  These wildflowers are easy to grow and will look stunning in your garden!  

1. Lewis's Blue Flax

If you were to buy a western flower seed mix, there’s a good chance you would find this flower.  Linum lewisii is easy to grow from the seed and looks great amidst other flowers. 

2. Prarie coneflower

This flower (Ratibida columnifera) grows in the sun and usually is around 2 feet.  Although it is short lived, it is extremely beautiful!

3. Yarrow

This beautiful little daisy, scientifically named Achillea millefolium, was named after the Greek god Achilles who healed his wounds using flowers and herbs on his skin.  It is still used today as something to ingest to aid in digestion, as an ointment for wounds, and for ale! Bonus- it is very easy to grow from the seed! 

4. Bitterroot

This stunning flower (Lewisia rediviva) begins its life as a tiny plant and blooms into a massive pink flower that can catch anyone’s eye!  Maybe that’s why Montana adopted it as its state flower in 1893, after the World’s Fair in Chicago!

5. indian paintbrush

This striking, red flower comes in many different types.  Pictured to the left is Coville Indian Paintbrush which can be distinguished by its long, soft hairs. If you head over to Mount Blackmore Trail in the Hyalite Canyon the second week of July you will likely see this flower blooming!

6. Lupine

This may be one of the most stereotypical mountain flowers, and we can see why!  It looks stunning in any garden and it is very easy to care for!

7. Dotted blazingstar

This flower has a long season and grows 12 to 30 inches high and up to 20 inches in diameter.  It is a great flower for late summer!


Montana is known for its wide array of native grasses.  Here are some grasses that beautify the prairie and will grow well in your Bozeman yard!

8. feather reed grass

This grass looks good year round and is easy to care for- what more could you want?  You can expect to see some of its foliage soon and in June it will be 3 to 5 feet tall and will begin to turn from green to a very light purple or pink! Click here to view tips on growing Feather Reed Grass!

9. western wheatgrass

This grass can take flooding or high watertables

10. crested wheatgrass

You probably will see a lot of this grass as you drive around Montana.  It doesn’t require a lot of water to grow and can grow on all soil textures.


11. sage brush

Sagebrush inhabits all of Montana in a ton of different varieties.  Big Sagebrush, which is the tallest growing up to 15 feet, is the most common type.  Sagebrush will lend a lovely, lightly smoky aroma to your yard.

12. snowberry

The Snowberry is related to the huckleberry, but looks quite different with big white berries.  Many times you can find these beautiful berries growing beneath the forest canopy and many times under Aspen.


13. birch

There are two different types of birch trees that are native to Montana- the Paper Birch (pictured left) and the Water Birch.  The Paper Birch is taller, standing at 60-80 feet and has a distinctive white bark.  It needs well drained soil and is native to Northern Montana.  In the fall it boasts bright yellow leaves.  The Water birch is 20-25 feet and has a shiny cinnamon bark. 

Quaking aspen

The Quaking Aspen is a white tree with yellow, circular leaves.  It is the iconic rocky mountain broadleaf tree growing 60 feet.  It is debated and claimed by some ecologists to be the largest living organism since it reproduces by sending up sprouts from its roots therefore making virtually every tree an exact clone of the first and genetically the same!

With all of these plants, do your research to know the best planting times and conditions. Some plants need certain environmental conditions, such as fluctuating temperatures, before the seeds will germinate. Happy planting!

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