12 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Bozeman, Montana

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12 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Bozeman, Montana


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1. We don’t do road rage

We make it a point to be nice to our fellow road-sharers here in Bozeman. A honking horn is about as rare as a May without snow. So unless you want to stick out like a sore thumb, take your hand off the horn.

2. You need to master the dirt road wave.  

You know you a real Montanan from a fake one when you pass them on a dirt road and they give you the my-hand-is-still-on-the-steering-wheel-but-i’m-making-the-effort-to-acknowledge-you-wave. 

3. You will need Yak Tracks. Don’t resist it. Just do it.

We’re basing this one on experience. We’ve crawled up icy trails and slid our way down (clinging to trees, branches, rocks) more times than we want to admit. Yak Tracks are game changers.  Just do it. 

4. You better like beer.

We really like beer here in Bozeman, especially local beer. In fact, Montana has the most breweries per capita in the country. Of the 30 breweries in Montana, 5 of them are right here in Bozeman. Cheers. 

5. We are very friendly

Here in Bozeman we smile at strangers, at the people serving us coffee, selling us groceries. We also strike up conversations with just about anyone - we just do. It makes us feel good. 

6. There is no such thing as a snow day.

On the east coast (or the Pacific Northwest) the slightest dusting of snow means school is cancelled...for days. Not gonna happen here in Bozeman, so bundle the kids up and send them to the bus stop.  Blizzards, sub-zero temps...just put an extra layer on them.  Don't worry, if it's under -10 degrees they move recess inside. 

7. You WILL drive in snow/blizzards/on ice/in slush/every other road condition you can imagine.

The winters here are no joke. So don’t move here thinking you can just avoid the roads when it dumps snow. This stuff lasts for months. 

8. If you don’t have a dog, you should probably get one.

There are not many places where it is better to be a dog than in Bozeman. Aside from the countless trails and off-leash parks, we also have gourmet dog stores where you can find local, organic treats and lots of doggy day cares.  And since it is Montana you should probably get a Lab…..and name it Bridger...or Madison. We're creative like that. 

9. We love local. 

Yea, we know...supporting local business, farm to table and all that is the rage everywhere.  But around here we take it very seriously.  From farmers markets to small business we choose to support our neighbors over the big box chains. If you INSIST on shopping at a big box store, you better hide that merchandise in a reusable bag so your neighbors don't judge you. Just saying. 

10. We aren't all cowboys.

Before you go Ebay shopping for cowboy hats and spurs you should know that not everyone in Montana is strolling down the street with their spurs click-clacking. If you are not a cowboy, no need to dress like one. But, if you insist, you can guarantee the locals (and the real cowboys) will be getting a good laugh as you walk by.  

11. Yes, everyone drives a Subaru.

Yes it’s a cliché and the butt of many jokes (What’s the fastest way to empty the co-op? Make an announcement that there is a Subaru with its lights on in the parking lot) but here in Bozeman we really, really love our Subarus!

12. It is as beautiful as they say. 

Yes, there's a lot of hype about how beautiful Montana is.  How it's the Last Best Place.  As much as we'd like to keep it a secret, we can't deny it truly is as beautiful as everyone says. We feel lucky every single day to call it home.  


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