10 hot trends in Bozeman kitchen design

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10 hot trends in Bozeman kitchen design


2017 is upon us and the bright kitchens are out, being replaced with a more subdued, but very elegant feel.  Here are 10 hot kitchen trends we have noticed this year in Bozeman!

1. maximize kitchen storage

As tiny homes and condos seem to be trending (especially in Bozeman's market) maximizing storage has become a necessity. From hydraulic drawers, to easy-close cabinet doors to double-tiered drawers, the possibilities are endless.

2. Contemporary-rustic

This trend is especially popular in the mountain region in which we live!  The combination of reclaimed wood floors and sleek cabinets in white and black make for a beautiful traditional look with a hint of 2017!

3. Monochromatic colors

Grey, black, white, taupe, mushroom, and greige (grey and beige) bring depth, warmth and subtlety. If that is just too dull for you, consider bruised greens, toasted reds, and washed blues for a pop of color that maintains the elegant vibe. 

4. Splash of color

Just because the natural tones are in, doesn’t mean it has to be boring.  Whether that is the sink, fruit bowl, or light fixture, add a splash of color to liven up the place and make it an accent piece!  The Talbach House Condos are doing a great job of this using yellow as the black splash color! 

5. Automation

From the sinks to the lights, commercial spaces are not the only places that are using automatic devices! 

6. Industrial look

Exposed brick, exposed pipes, rustic metal, minimalist furniture, this is the new fad (or old depending on how you look at it) and we think it is striking, fun, and gorgeous!

7. Darker floors

Well if most of your kitchen is white, with only oranges on the counter for accent, it makes sense that your floors will have a darker floor stain to make it look cozier.

8. Reclaimed wood

If you're a reclaimed-wood-lover, you have probably heard of Pecky Cypress (seen on the island and hood in this picture).  This wood has a grainy texture with pockets or recesses that are striking yet subtle enough to blend in!

9. Hidden Appliances

Nowadays no one wants to see your microwave and toaster.  A new (and inexpensive) trend is to simply hide your modern appliances in the cabinetry. Stainless steel appliances feel cold and industrial, and 2017 is all about warmth in the kitchen. 

10. Mixing Metals

We are seeing more bronze fixtures and lighting instead of the brighter metals which provide a warmer feeling, but it is expensive to replace all your metal fixtures in your kitchen so consider mixing materials! It looks great and makes it more individual to you and your taste!  Gold, copper, pewter- mix it all for a one-of-a-kind space!  In the picture on the left, the designer mixed wood with marble for the countertop and we think it looks great!

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